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Club Formation

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A key purpose of the Saskatchewan Fly Fishing Federation (SFFF) is to promote the sport of fly fishing in Saskatchewan. One of the ways in which we do this is by helping interested individuals start a fly fishing club in their own Saskatchewan community.

Perhaps the premier benefit of forming a local fly fishing club is the resulting fellowship that inevitably seems to develop. The existing clubs have proven themselves to be organizations where like-minded individuals gather. Together they share experiences, learn about fly fishing, and then go a-field (or should that be a-lake?) to practice what they have learned, or just go and have a great day on the water.

While we (SFFF) cannot offer financial assistance, some of what we can provide is the following:

  • Assistance with the process and paperwork involved in registering a club as a Saskatchewan non-profit organization.
  • Electronic copies of existing Saskatchewan fly fishing club by-laws in a “boiler plate” format that makes it very easy to insert a chosen club name and make any other changes required for your specific needs.
  • Members of an existing fly fishing club to come to your community and make a presentation on fly fishing in Saskatchewan, perhaps at an informational/formation meeting or if the club exists they could attend and give a talk at a general meeting.
  • From time to time we may be able to provide a guest speaker to help maintain interest and/or assist as a learning guide.
  • Fund raising ideas.

Clubs are free to decide for themselves how often and when they meet, and what activities they wish to pursue. Some examples of activities carried out at member clubs include:

  • Club library, including books, videos, dvd’s and maps;
  • Fly tying sessions/lessons;
  • Fly casting lessons/assistance;
  • Rod building lessons;
  • Landing net construction;
  • Basic sessions on understanding the use of various fly fishing equipment (rods. reels, lines, leaders, tippet, etc.);
  • Knot tying (what knots to use when and how to tie them);
  • Sessions on understanding basic entomology ( just enough to catch fish reliably);
  • Where to fly fish in Saskatchewan;
  • Organized fishing outings.

Some of the community minded activities our clubs participate in include:

  • Assist fisheries personnel with fish stocking;
  • Fly tying, casting and entomology lessons to school groups;
  • Improving access to local lakes;
  • Provide free fly tying and casting sessions to the general public at events such as trade shows, provincial park celebration etc.;
  • Test netting, winter oxygen testing, trail cutting etc. to assist fisheries personnel in stocking new lakes;
  • An annual “Fly Fishing Jamboree” that brings in Big Name Speakers from across North America to talk about fly fishing in general.

Starting a fly-fishing club is not a difficult undertaking, and with the assistance of the Saskatchewan Fly Fishing Federation it becomes a relatively easy task. For more information or assistance please contact us at

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